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The modern world we live in is full of amazing technological advancements and organizational wonders, but it is also more complex and demanding than ever before.  Society preaches standards and goals that are often oppressive and unrealistic.  The myriad competing demands of our lives, how busy we are, the continual pressure to do and be more creates enormous stress for all of us.  

Stress is a poison that erodes our physical and psychological wellness over time and we must be purposeful about managing our stress and eliminating it as much as possible.  This is obviously easier said than done.  Having someone to support the effort, like a personal trainer with physical fitness or a physician with an illness, can make all the difference. 

I can help you understand the internal and external forces creating negative feelings of fear, anxiety, disappointment or anything else disrupting your happiness and together we can find strategies for minimizing stress and anxiety so you can feel better.

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